Are you always thinking: 

"I wish I was making more money"?


Your Wishes Can Come True when you use the PROSPERITY POWERTOOLS™ we have for you - get your copy above!

Do you ever worry and think you haven't made enough money?

At the end of the month, do you wish you had made more money so you could have had more fun?

Are you ignoring how much money you are actually making?

Do you sometimes secretly wish that money would suddenly appear magically & miraculously out of the blue?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, 

then you are in the RIGHT PLACE! 


See, what you focus your mind and your attention on expands - so if you have been thinking or worrying or wondering about the amount of money you are making, then you are actively engaged in creating a set of beliefs and experiences that will mirror back to you exactly what you are focusing on! 

This can be a major problem - and here's how it works.... 

Imagine for a moment that you just started your own business. You are investing in your dream, you are following your heart's desire, you are answering the call. You are also investing money - maybe a lot - to get you going. Then a few months or maybe half a year down the line, you suddenly bring yourself up short and think to yourself, "I'm not making enough money." 

Maybe you had this seed of doubt planted by a 'well-meaning' friend or family member - or maybe your own inner doubter just decided to make a cameo appearance that day. 

What happens next? 

Well, unless you are PREPARED with the right tools to immediately apply to the situation, you'll get sucked down and pulled out of your vision and your forward momentum and become TRAPPED in a downward spiral of stressing out. This, of course, does not bode well for your fledgling business - because if you are in business, you have to be out there asking for money. 

People can FEEL IT if you are stressed and seem desperate, and they will run the other way rather than doing business with you. On the other hand, you may get yourself so sucked down that hole of worry, stress and doubt that you don't even bother to get on the phone, make the presentations or engage in the marketing of your business and instead put your head in the sand and go into hiding, wishing and hoping that a miracle would happen that would suddenly turn things around for you. 

What if you ARE PREPARED, though? 

What if you had the RIGHT TOOLS to help you to immediately eradicate the "Negative Nelly" that likes to invade your thinking with her worrisome doubts? What would it be like to know at any time that you can just raise up the STOP SIGN to shut her right up so that you can GO FORWARD and take the inspired actions that will make you profitable and make your dreams of serving your purpose and answering your calling really real? You do want the right tools, don't you? 

The answer is YES!!! 

Money is a mystery for many people, and worrying about money is the number one problem most creative visionary entrepreneurs face that causes them to stay small, hold back on their genius and often eventually fail in their businesses. We want to help take some of the mystery out by providing you with some MAGIC! 

The Magical Mantras for Making More Money employs an Ancient Spiritual Technology to support you in your quest! 

Why Mantras? 

Mantras (affirmations can be an alternative word we could use) are CODE words that you are ENCODING into your Operating System. Your whole life you have been ENCODED, Inculcated, Indoctrinated, Subordinated, trained, programmed and otherwise fed in-formation. So that you would take on a certain form. Like the form of a "GOOD SOLDIER" which has it's own programming - and in boot camp, you may recall, is where all the parental programming is "broken" out of the soldier so that the "military programming" can be installed. When we are children, we are not given much choice in what "programming" we are receiving - and we receive it from all over the place - parents, teachers, society, media, movies, fairy tales, etc. Words are POWERFUL - they WEAVE SPELLS. You have been under a spell for a very long time

NOW you are in a place of having an awakening to your OWN POWER to cast the spell that YOU want to cast CONSCIOUSLY about your relationship with money and making more!

Hi, I'm Emerald Peaceful GreenForest (FKA Amethyst Wyldfyre), Empress of Empowerment and The Empowered Messenger Master Mentor.

My company and our trademarked Prosperity Activation Systems™ was at the forefront of a rising wave of heart-centered entrepreneurs from all over the world committed to feeling financially empowered channeling our wisdom into wealth and activating others to step up, serve and succeed. In 2010, we received special recognition from the Be The Change Awards as a “Movement to Watch”. I’ve served millions of people around the world and played a leading role in helping amazing women with powerful gifts to have a better relationship with money. 

One of my Inc 500 clients, the now legendary speaking superstar Lisa Sasevich had this to say about our work together:

“True Leadership stems from the willingness to ask for help and that’s what I did myself… it was one of the most powerful decisions that I have made on my journey!

Working with Emerald was a “soul opening” experience – one that opened me up to step into my leadership role in a more powerful and free way.

Being firmly grounded in my power was key to being able to DOUBLE my 7-figure business last year! If you are ready to leap fearlessly into your highest level of service and profit handsomely from following your Spiritual Path, then I recommend you speak with Emerald right away!”

Lisa Sasevich The Queen of Sales Conversion

In the 6 years since we worked together, Lisa has accumulated over $30 million in sales. Now that’s Making some MIRACULOUS Money!!

The fact that she can do it means that you can too!

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